NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company

We are a long standing member of the North American Power Sweeping Association.

This demonstrates our company‚Äôs commitment to quality and as a market industry. We’re very proud of the fact that we were the second company in the entire U.S. to gain the coveted Certified Sweeping Contractor status. Because of the difficulty to qualify, fewer than fifty sweeping contractors in the country have gained the Certification to date.

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Founding Member World Sweeping Association

We are a Founding Member of the World Sweeping
Association and Ethics in Power Sweeping program.

We believe all purchasers of sweeping services should confirm, prior to hiring, that their contractor of choice complies with the World Sweeping Association’s Ethics Program. The requirements are sensible ones that all sweeping companies should be adhering to. We emphasize professionalism in all aspects of our company. Our employees are highly trained and very experienced at what they do.

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Added Extra Services For Our Customers

In order to better assist our parking area sweeping clients, we have added many other services through the years. Today, these include most any exterior service that a property management might need done. For example, we are even one of the largest firms in our area that put up and take down seasonal signage.

We have a number of added value items for our many clients in the municipal and construction sector, as well. We have water trucks, dump trucks and more. Our attenuator (crash) trucks have been outfitted with 1,000 gallon water tanks in order to refill our sweepers on the job-site and so save our customers time and money. Most of our sweepers are also able to sweep in sub-freezing weather. We have a variety of equipment, such as dump trucks and other equipment, that are ready to assist during street and construction cleanup operations.