Our Company

Commercial Power Sweeping is recognized as one of the top power sweeping contractors in America. We sweep, as well as perform a variety of other pavement-related services throughout Virginia or North Carolina. You will find that we have the equipment and know-how to correctly handle virtually any type of pavement-based cleanup challenge and much more. When it comes to pavement sweeping, if it can fall onto pavement then chances are that we’ve tackled the cleanup before – probably many times!

Commercial Power Sweeping Is A Family-Run Business

Over time our sweeper fleet has grown to its current total of 10 parking area machines and eight street and construction sweeping units. The latter are a mix of air- and broom-based sweepers, so we have the mix of vehicles we need to enable us to put the right machine onto every job we do.

There is no federal or state certification or special licensing required for sweeping contractors. As you might imagine, in our three plus decades in operation we’ve seen a number of ‘fly by night’ sweeping contractors come and go. We believe this gives a black mark to our industry and we do everything we can to combat that type of operator. We have the ethics you can count on!

Employee Dedication

We have low employee turnover, in part because we offer a total benefits package to all full time employees. This includes a retirement plan, health care, dental, vision, vacation, paid uniforms and paid foot wear. Our customers appreciate the fact our employees show up in uniform. We believe that working in uniform encourages our people to take more pride in their work and is a better reflection of the image we strive to have at Commercial Power Sweeping.

Our High Level of Commitment

In order to better assist our parking area sweeping clients, we have added many other services through the years. Today, these include most any exterior service that a property management firm might need done. For example, we are  one of the largest firms in our area that put up and take down seasonal décor. We very much appreciate the high level of support we’ve received from the business community in Virginia and North Carolina. If we can assist you, just let us know. We would be glad to help in any way we can.

Commercial Power Sweeping Owners, Lorean and Karl Stauty

Commercial Power Sweeping employees Brian Holder 25 years of service and Clarence Pettaway 20 years of service