Parking Areas Power Sweeping

Our parking area sweeper trucks are equipped with Global Positioning Satellite systems (GPS). Our GPS system allows us to daily monitor all sweeping activities from the previous night. This assists us in our training, as well as to ensure competitive billing for all of our customers. However, it is most valuable as ‘proof positive’ of when and how services were provided. This can be of significant value in the case of slip-and-fall injuries, for example. Read about the many benefits our use of GPS provides to our clients. Download: Value of GPS

We use innovative and late model equipment, and keep them maintained so they will perform to manufacturer’s OEM specifications. This is very important, since parking area sweepers are vacuum-based. As a result, their performance level drops — and noise level increases — when they are not kept in tip-top condition. That’s why our company mandate is to keep our sweeping equipment maintained at OEM specs.

Full Service Property Maintenance

Our employees are trained to see the things that others miss. Because we are a full service property maintenance firm, you will find our awareness of property needs far surpasses that of most sweeping-only companies. We can typically identify problems on your property early on, when they’re the least expensive to fix, and then work with you to develop the most cost-effective solutions.

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Our Standard Parking Area Services Include:

  • Quarterly to 7-days-a-week service to meet facility’s need
  • Sweeping all parking areas near and far from the building
  • Cleaning around curbs and wheel blocks
  • Blowing off sidewalks
  • Handpicking (when needed) natural and landscape areas
  • Noting of anything unusual; lights out, dumped items, etc.
  • Change-out of trashcan liners, and large item removal

CPS also offers:

  • Warehouse sweeping and scrubbing
  • Asphalt/concrete repairs
  • Sign installation and sign repair
  • Exterior lighting maintenance
  • Seasonal banner installation and removal
  • Pressure washing and graffiti removal
  • Pavement striping and crack-filling
  • Other services by request

Sweeping Does More Than Just Keep Your Property Looking Clean

Sweeping offers more value than the cosmetic improvements we tend to think about. Also read: Why Sweep Parking Areas?

Managers monitor all of the services we provide to assure peak performance. Our experienced management team maintains a thorough follow-up procedure designed to maximize employee training and make sure you receive consistent, industry-leading results with every sweep. Our training includes the important concept that we are ‘the eyes and ears’ of our property managers. When emerging needs or unusual situations are spotted, such as lights out, illegal dumping, graffiti, etc., we contact the customer. At the customer’s preference, this is done via next-day email (with photos) or via telephone customer contact. In the rare instances when needed, our employees are trained to summon emergency personnel.

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